Where Does the Money Go When You Buy Pink?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Office Supplies

While we have made great strides in breast cancer prevention and treatment, much remains to be done. According to the National Cancer Institute, about one in eight American women will develop breast cancer sometime in their lives, making it the most commonly diagnosed cancer after skin cancer. And, it’s the second leading cause of cancer death in American women right after lung cancer.

Since about 85 percent of breast cancer occurs in women with no family history, everyone should be vigilant (breastcancer.org).

Despite these sobering statistics, there’s still reason for hope. Contributions made to breast cancer’s Pink Campaign have made a significant difference in the lives of millions of women (and men) with generous funding for awareness, support, research, and treatment.

Go Pink in October

Since October is breast cancer awareness month, you’ll see pink everywhere – from yogurt and bottled water to jewelry and sweatshirts. Even national sports teams go pink.

Here are just some of the ways contributions help improve and save lives.

  • Transportation to and from treatments – Available in many locations, simply getting to and from appointments remains a top concern. Patients are typically paired with another cancer survivor who provides a needed service along with companionship.

  • Free temporary lodging for patients and caregivers – For the best cancer care, patients sometimes need to travel far from home. Contributions to the Pink Campaign help provide comfortable, safe, temporary lodging free of charge.

  • Support via an 800# and online – Support and information for cancer patients, family and friends is available day and night. Having someone immediately available is especially important for the newly diagnosed.

  • Advice and techniques to improve appearance – Led by volunteer beauty consultants, this service provides advice to women on how to look and feel their best during treatment.

  • Guidance to assist with the health care maze – Patients and caregivers will encounter many health care questions. Specially trained assistants work with a range of treatment facilities and can offer guidance.

  • Email mammogram reminder service – Annual reminder to schedule your check up.

  • Newsletters and the latest information – Up-to-date research and treatment breakthroughs, inspirational first-hand accounts and guidelines.

  • Non-medical financial aid – This provides basic living expenses such as car payments and utilities for a given period of time.

  • Specific support for young women – Education and assistance for an often-neglected segment of breast cancer patients.

  • Research into the cause, prevention and treatment of breast cancer, including new chemotherapy drugs, targeted therapies and vitamins.

  • Work with lawmakers to ensure funding continues to be top priority.

Do your part to support breast cancer awareness by going pink in October. Looking for ways to show you care at work? Visit our online store and enter the search term "Pink Ribbon" to see a listing of our pink products – paper, scissors, writing instruments, letter openers and much more. Stop by today.

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