UPDATE: What is the Greatest Sports Movie of All-Time?

The Sports Take Lunch Break crew has created a new feature that we think will be fun for everyone. People have strong opinions about sports. People also have strong opinions about movies. Combine those two things and people have REALLY strong opinions. Our team of researchers has scoured hundreds of sports movies from the last 60 years and put together a comprehensive list of the 32 best of all-time. These movies were then seeded into brackets based on the frequency with which they showed up on our individual lists and the lists of dozens of publications such as Rolling Stone, Rotten Tomatoes, etc. It’s our goal (and yours) to determine what truly is the Greatest Sports Movie of All-Time.

Over the next 9 weeks, we’ll be dedicating a portion of each Sports Take Lunch Break podcast episode to debating until one movie reigns supreme. Will it be a tried and true classic like Field of Dreams or a recent comedy masterpiece like Talladega Nights? That’s for you to decide.

Online polls will be available each week across our social media platforms so keep your eyes out for them and be sure to vote! (Find them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.)


Here is the bracket after round 1 is complete. What do you think?

Here are the Week 1 Match-ups

  • (1) Rocky vs. (32) Chariots of Fire
  • (16) Rude vs. (17) The Natural
  • (9) The Bad News Bears vs. (24) Breaking Away
  • (8) Caddyshack vs. (25) Rocky IV

UPDATE: Here’s the Final Bracket and Winner

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