The Updated List of our Favorite Podcasts to Listen to at Work

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For International Podcast Day, we are revisiting our list of favorite podcasts to listen to at work. Settle in, open your favorite podcast app, and subscribe to something new.

Andrew’s Favorite Podcasts

  • Pull Up with CJ McCollum – If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that sports are my #1 passion. NBA & Portland Trailblazers star, CJ McCollum, hosts a podcast where he talks about all the latest headlines from across the sports landscape. Clocking in around an hour, the episodes fly by and CJ also occasionally brings in other NBA players as guests.
  • Podcast Beyond! – One of my other passions in life is video games. With two young kids, my ability to play games the way I did when I was younger myself and my ability to keep up on all the latest and greatest video games has diminished. This is where this podcast became relevant to me. It’s hosted by IGN, the largest source in the world for video game content (among other things like comic books, movies, tech, etc.). Every week I can tune in to the episode and find out what is trending in the video game world so I know what to be on the lookout for when I do find a bit of time to play video games in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed.
  • HBO’s Succession Podcast – If you have HBO and haven’t watched the two seasons of this show, please do yourself a favor and start the first episode as soon as you finish reading this article (the show just won the Emmy for Best Drama!). The show brilliantly tells the story of the dysfunctional Roy family and this podcast is a great accompanying piece to listen to once you’re done with the available seasons to get behind the scenes information and interviews from the cast.

Emily’s Favorite Podcasts

  • The TryPodThe Podcast of the YouTube channel “the Try Guys”. It is 4 guys who just talk about random topics and tell stories but they are so funny, easy to listen to, and it is interesting to hear behind-the-scenes stories to the Videos I watch from them.
  • You Can Sit with Us is the wives of the guys on The TryPOD and then just talking more candidly about more female relatable topics or just a females take on a topic while staying light-hearted and funny.
  • The Bobbycast  This follows radio personality Bobby Bones as he sits down with country music artists and producers and discusses their work, life, etc. For me, it is nice to hear stories and workings of artists I already listen to and love. It is also nice to see a more personal side to them.

Ellie’s Favorite Podcasts

  • Smartless– This is a fairly new podcast featuring Sean Hayes, Will Arnet, and Jason Bateman. They have super fun guests and the trio is hilarious together. If you love comedy- this is for you!!
  • Very Presidential– This podcast is done by the same host of Crime Junkie (one of my very fav’s!). She tells stories about each of the US Presidents that you probably haven’t heard from the history books. Super interesting!
  • Up and Vanished– For all the true-crime buffs out there, this is super interesting! A journalist takes a deeper look into a cold case and surprisingly finds some answers!

Greg’s Favorite Podcasts

  • The Daily – From the New York Times, this is a 20-minute podcast every weekday morning that dives deep into one big story that is dominating the news.
  • Reply All – being a tech nerd, this one is right up my alley. It is described as a podcast about the internet. More specifically, the hosts tell stories and provide advice on how to survive it. But it’s so much more than that and so hard to describe at the same time. Is it tech? Yes. Is it investigative journalism? Kinda. Is it pop culture? Definitely. Is it awesome? YES!
  • Business Casual– This podcast I from the folks who produce the Morning Brew, one of my favorite email newsletters. It seeks to answer the “big questions with business’s biggest names”.

Hayley’s Favorite Podcasts

  • The Happiness Lab -— Dr. Laurie Santos, Yale psychology professor, will take you thru the latest scientific research and share some surprising and incredible stories that will change how you perceive happiness. Learning “why” and “how” emotions work on a scientific level has been very empowering for me, and Dr. Santos has covered all the feels that have come with COVID-19 and quarantine—and beyond.
  • Mark Manson’s Audio Articles –these are short but meaty audio clips that give honest advice about life that is science-based and pragmatic. Mark is funny, down to earth, and cusses like a sailor. He speaks my language and I am challenged to think differently with each episode—in very positive ways.
  • The Candace Owens Show — is intelligent, witty, and genuine. Ms. Owens brings a unique view to many of the difficult issues facing our country. She talks about all the tough stuff and does it with actual facts—good and bad. I did not expect to appreciate this podcast as much as I do—as a female, as an American, and as a human.
  • Now for Tomorrow with Deepak Chopra — (the original GOAT) is another short nugget that includes one “task” that you can do now that will make life better tomorrow. The focus is on being present to bring balance to the mind and body.

Other Favorites

Did you know Office Essentials has our own podcast?

  • The Sports Take Lunch Break. Sports fandom is something that is nearly universal. In workplaces across the world in all industries, sports conversations are being had amongst coworkers at the proverbial water cooler, in the breakroom, around the copier and all other sorts of other places. Several members of the OE staff found friendship through their mutual love of sports and decided to come up with a revolutionary new idea. Take that lunchroom sports discussion and start recording it. Hosted by Andrew Corns and featuring a rotating cast of sports enthusiasts, the STL Break is released on a weekly basis (at least before COVID) and covers all the major headlines for St. Louis sports teams and the sports world at large. This podcast has given these dedicated OE team members a chance to show their personalities and highlight the work culture that makes the company so strong.

What are your favorites? Let us know…

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