Celebrate Boss’s Day By Entering OE’s Top Boss Contest


Do you have a great boss? Tell us about her and win 2 tickets to an upcoming Blues game

Did you know October 17 is Boss’s Day? We thought it would be fun to give the chance to brag on your boss, but get something nice for yourself — because we know you really do all the work.

Share with us why you have the world’s best boss and we may send you and a guest to an upcoming St. Louis Blues hockey game with all-inclusive food and drink tickets. Not only that, but Office Essentials will deliver a special gift to your boss on Boss’s Day especially from you.

How to Enter

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us why your boss is the best by noon on Friday October 14. The entry that moves us the most will win the prize. (To leave a comment, scroll all the way down and look for “Leave a reply…” then type your entry.)

Printable boss’s day certificates

In the meantime, here are a few printable Boss’s day certificates you can print out and give your boss. Choose the one that applies the best. Click on the image to get a printable PDF.

world's best boss printable certificate

most favorite boss ever printable certificate

world's okayest boss printable certificate

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  1. I’ve worked for my boss, Kim, for three years now. She is not just a boss here in the office, she is a friend to everyone. I have seen her comfort tears when one of her employees is hurting. I have seen her go to bat for her employees. She checks on everyone and keeps up with their lives in and out of the office. When we get called in early, she brings breakfast in for us. When we have to leave early because of a family emergency, she stays late for us. She surprises everyone with ice cream sundaes for no reason at all. She is kind and thoughtful. She is a hard worker with a great attitude! We are blessed to have her.

  2. My boss is the best because he genuinely cares for us. My mother has had a really tough year. She broke her left wrist and right shoulder (in separate accidents). And she lost her husband after a long battle with a rare disease. My boss not only gave me as much time off as I needed to help her during all of this but he TOLD me to take as much time as I needed and not to worry about a thing at the office. He would ask about her at every one of our weekly meetings and still inquires about her well being months later.
    In his spare time, which he has very little of with his busy schedule, he volunteers to tutor inner city youth and help them meet their full potential. I can only imagine how grateful those parents are and how much those children will benefit from such specialized attention!
    I sincerely view him as not just a boss but a good friend. He is kind, generous and always finds ways to not just say we’re doing a good job but shows it with his actions. I feel secure in my job and know that I can always count on him to take care of me. I trust him implicitly. I’m not sure how many people can say that about their employer. I know how rare that is and I feel privileged to work for someone as big-hearted as him. He really is the BEST!

  3. I have worked for the company for over 30 years and in that time I have worked for my current bosses’ brother and father as well. My boss is very family oriented and is very considerate of all the employees needs. He is a friend as well as a boss. He keeps open communication lines with all of us. Even when he is not at the office, he is always available for employees to call and ask questions. He is usually smiling and can see the humor in most situations. He never yells or shows anger toward anyone. He is firm in his ideas, but is willing to listen to others input. He shops for several months to try to find Christmas gifts that people will be pleased with and brings in samples to ask upper management opinions.

  4. I have worked with my 3 bosses for 9 years now. They truly are the best. I feel so fortunate and blessed to work for 3 wonderful bosses who care so much about their employees, their families, and me personally!

    They all stood by me when I battled cancer 4 years ago. During my chemo and radiation treatments they were so understanding and paid me anyway, even when I wasn’t able to come to work. That was more helpful and supportive then they will ever know. SO needed and appreciated their caring and concern!!!

    They care about their 300 plus other employees so much, too! They treat a big group of us to a paid weekend trip to Chicago every summer to watch a Cards/Cubs game. They had a huge company picnic for all 300 employees plus their families this summer. They even purchased some amazing toys so the employees children could participate in a raffle, pick the toys they liked to drop their tickets into, and almost every child there walked away with something wonderful. The picnic also had lots of barbecue and drinks, face painters, balloon artists, a photo booth, inflatable obstacle course, slides and bounce houses and a company softball game…just to name a few.

    They give back to the community by being sponsors for several charitable organizations. Most notably, this years Silver Sponsor for the March of Dimes March for Babies back in May. I really could go on and on about my bosses giving spirit and care for those around them. From team dinners, team building activities, food trucks, catered lunches, participation in 2 local parades, sponsorship of company sports activities, great benefits and bonuses….they truly go above and beyond to show their employees that they care.

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