Top Boss Contest Winner Announced


Thanks to everyone who participated in our first OE Top Boss Contest!

Today we’re happy to bestow OE Top Boss honors on Greg McMurtrey of Missouri Petroleum, nominated by Debbie Novak. We received so many deserving entries that it was hard to pick a winner, but our panel was very moved by Debbie’s entry, which you can read below.

This morning we dropped in on Greg and Debbie to drop off their prizes. We appreciate everyone that took the time to participate. For those that didn’t win, keep up with OE here or on our Facebook page, we’ll be having more Blues tickets giveaways throughout their season.

OE Top Boss Contest Winner

Here is Debbie’s winning entry:

My boss is the best because he genuinely cares for us. My mother has had a really tough year. She broke her left wrist and right shoulder (in separate accidents). And she lost her husband after a long battle with a rare disease. My boss not only gave me as much time off as I needed to help her during all of this but he TOLD me to take as much time as I needed and not to worry about a thing at the office. He would ask about her at every one of our weekly meetings and still inquires about her well-being months later.

In his spare time, which he has very little of with his busy schedule, he volunteers to tutor inner city youth and help them meet their full potential. I can only imagine how grateful those parents are and how much those children will benefit from such specialized attention!

I sincerely view him as not just a boss but a good friend. He is kind, generous and always finds ways to not just say we’re doing a good job but shows it with his actions. I feel secure in my job and know that I can always count on him to take care of me. I trust him implicitly. I’m not sure how many people can say that about their employer. I know how rare that is and I feel privileged to work for someone as big-hearted as him. He really is the BEST!

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