The Future of Office Furniture in a COVID-19 World

The Future of Office Furniture in a COVID-19 World

What does COVID-19 mean for the future of office furniture?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things about our normal routines, and we’re not even done yet. There may be more changes to come. One area that is almost unrecognizable from the pre-COVID days and one we pay particular attention to as it relates to these changes is the workplace, specifically what it means for the future of office furniture in a COVID-19 world.

Office Space Before Covid-19

  • Benching workstations
  • Open workstations with no screens
  • High-density meeting rooms + spaces
  • Soft + porous materials
  • Products with a lot of seams or metal folds
  • High contact unassigned spaces
  • Shared storage and unassigned lockers
  • Personal belongings and bags set on the floor

Office Space After Covid-19

  • Products which create division + social distancing
  • Quick-ship + easy assembly home office packages
  • Materials –easy to clean, bleach cleanable, non-porous hard surfaces, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial
  • Anti-bacterial technology integrated into products and materials -Silver Ion, UV/Blue Light, Nanotechnology, Copper Infused
  • Sanitation products integrated into all work settings
  • Agile furniture for flexibility in the open plan and in conference and meeting rooms

Our office furniture specialists are ready to help you plan your post-COVID-19 office space and help you create a new office layout to ensure your employees feel safe. And one thing this pandemic hasn’t changed are all the great reasons to get your office furniture from Office Essentials.

Contact us today to get started planning your new space.


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