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As we wrap up the vacation season and kids get settled back into to school, I got to thinking about the ways our technology follows us around. In a highly scientific survey, I asked friends, family, and co-workers, “What is always in your carry-on bag, whether traveling for business or pleasure?” The results were decidedly technology-leaning, much to no one’s surprise, but some of the other items mentioned make a lot of sense too.
I’ve listed the five most frequent answers, and a couple others, with my personal commentary for your enjoyment.

  1. (tie) Phone Charger. Considering we’re all practically, surgically connected to our mobile phones & devices, this was almost a no-brainer. Literally. I think mobile phones may be leeching our brain function right out of our ears.
  2. (tie) Medications. Possibly connected to my theory about losing brain function? Probably not, but prescription medications seem to be an integral part of our society today. These include various medicines potentially used to combat anxiety many of us encounter while traveling.
  3. iPad. Mentioned by name, though I’d include any tablet device including eReaders. Speaking of reading and mobile devices…
  4. (tie) A book or magazine. Traveling can be boring. Or maybe your travel company is boring. Either way, reading is a great way to pass the time, unless you get motion sickness, but hey, see the top of the list for your Dramamine. WARNING: Don’t use these if you’re the driver/pilot/conductor. Safety first!
  5. (tie) Headphones. Noise-cancelling or otherwise, these are an integral part of everyone’s enjoyment of mobile devices while traveling. At least as much for the sanity of those around you as for your own listening pleasure.

Other things folks answered with include: my Pashmina, contacts & accoutrements, nail clippers, a toothbrush, and cash.

Glad to know were not uncivilized in our travel pursuits.

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