Xerox, Apple Show How Environmental Sustainability Leads to Better Business Performance.

Fresh on the heels of us posting about our presentation for the Missouri Recycling Association about reducing waste in the workplace, I came across two posts that illustrate perfectly the point we’re trying to get across with our Green Office Supplies Program:

Why Apple is buying and protecting forests

We believe paper, like energy, can be a renewable resource. So we’re constantly looking for ways to lower the paper footprint that we use in our packaging. And we’ve made a commitment to zero out that impact by using paper more efficiently, increasing recycled paper content and sourcing paper sustainably.

In fact, last year, over 99 percent of our product packaging came from paper that was recycled or sourced from sustainably managed forests. We’re doing this because we know the threat to the world’s working forests is an urgent, and often overlooked, challenge.


Xerox counter’s climate change to better business

Let’s recognize that environmental sustainability and climate change is not a political topic. Rather it’s a business imperative that will lead us to a thriving, sustainable global economy. From an organizational perspective, it provides a far-reaching, common objective to rally our employees. It enables them to improve the way they work and live and apply their learnings at home with their families.

Take, for example, these initiatives undertaken by our employees in the United States, Jamaica, and Europe. Cumulatively, their projects reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by over 1,300 metric tons; equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the annual electricity use of 200 homes.

The success of their projects was possible because of the participation of co-workers, our customers, and suppliers. Their results illustrate that environmental sustainability initiatives, whether focused on greenhouse gas emissions, energy, waste or water deliver far more than just environmental benefits. These stories provide yet another example that sustainability efforts provide the path to more efficient, cost-effective processes that improve the quality of our lives and the way we work.

Source: Xerox blog

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