Stop Stressing at Work and Start Listening to Your Body

Being stressed is never fun, but being stressed at work is even worse. Not only does is make the day go by super slow, but it can cause distractions from important tasks that need to get done, which leads to mistakes being made, and eventually drama between coworkers.

It’s important to not let stress get the best of us during our work days, but just in case, how do we know when we are stressed and what are the symptoms to look out for? In order to know the symptoms of stress, we need to define it.

Stress is your brain’s response to any demand or threat. At the time the demand or threat occurs, your body musters a lot of energy in order to cope with the situation, and your brain will respond by a choice of “fight or flight.” Normal, everyday stress symptoms can include headaches, exhaustion, and increased blood pressure to name a few. Sometimes your body can confuse its self between daily life stress and life-threatening incidents, which in turn can cause major health problems like severe pain in the body, heart attacks, depression, sleep disorders, and weight gain/loss.

Sounds scary, right? Absolutely. But there are ways you can defeat stress.

eLearning Inforgraphics created an easy-to-follow chart to help us stay stress free in the work place.
Top Tips To Staying Stress Free In The Workplace Infographic
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Life is too short to allow stress to consume our daily lives, especially when at work. By following a few, simple steps to help us to keep calm when a stressful situation occurs, we’ll be able to get through it with flying colors.

Until next Friday, stay stress free my friends!

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