Today’s offices are constantly faced with the challenge of needing to do more with less. Businesses are expected to increase productivity without increasing time, budget, or impact on the environment. Rather than choosing to “cut back” or “go without,” Office Essentials helps you rethink the challenges and operations of your business and make the SmartChoice to cut time, costs, and carbon.

The SmartChoice program partners with your company to craft a custom approach to the true essentials of business: saving time, cutting costs, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Rethink Time. What is yours worth?

rethink time

With more work and fewer employees your time is more valuable than you can imagine.

Office Essentials gets to know your business’ unique needs in order to fine-tune your product mix and maximize productivity. By analyzing product usage we can ensure that each department has the supplies they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

And. we’re a single-source supplier. Consolidating your order to one vendor means less time managing orders, invoices, deliveries, and service requests.

We’ve found that our customized solutions can reduce the time you and your business spend on procurement processes by up to 50%.

We’ll find the smart way to streamline the order, delivery, and invoice processes in your office to save your organization precious time and, therefore, money.

“Office Essentials worked to win the hearts and minds of our employees…They are able to deliver quickly locally and throughout the US which allows us to further consolidate, saving us more time and money.” – Steven Snow, Fabick CAT

Rethink Costs. How far does your dollar go?

Chances are you’re spending more than you think. Office Essentials rethinks the total cost of business supplies to minimize hard costs such as product spend and soft costs like vendor expenses that go beyond the direct transactional costs.

Rethink Soft Costs

rethink costs

According to a study conducted by American Express, it can cost upwards of $100 to cut a purchase order.

Office Essentials rethinks all of the processes related to office supplies. We have an expansive selection of products across every department of your office. Many businesses use a different vendor for each product category. That’s at least 6 different vendors. When you produce purchase orders at least twice a month at $100 per cost to cut the order, it can cost $12,000 a year!

Rather than sourcing multiple vendors, Office Essentials can supply your every need and keep those soft costs in your company budget.

“…Office Essentials audited our current usage and pricing program and uncovered double digit hard dollar savings…” – J. Smith, St. Louis Government Entity

Rethink Hard Costs

Office Essentials will meet or beat your current vendor’s pricing and will never charge extraneous fees or surcharges. Our dynamic competitive pricing model is built on national retail and contract pricing data, so you know you’re always getting the best prices in the marketplace.

Worried about renegade spending within your company? We’ve designed a Cost Containment Catalog with 3,000 of your most-purchased items. Drive your end-users to one catalog (also found online) to guarantee you get the best products for your company at the best price.

You have nothing to lose, and great service and savings to gain.

Rethink Carbon. Have you gone green yet?

Green looks good on you. Better yet, it looks good on your brand and your bottom line.

rethink carbon

Office Essentials will guide you toward a smarter, greener business approach that your customers, employees and communities will recognize and appreciate.

As a single-source provider, we reduce your deliveries by approximately 120 annually. Furthermore, we’re locally owned and operated so our facility is just a few miles away, resulting in fewer deliveries, shorter routes, and less traffic around your facility. So you save time and money while enjoying fast, free delivery and reducing CO2 emissions from delivery trucks.

Also, buying locally means that for every $100 you spend, at least $68 will stay within our local economy; if you spent that at a non-local organization, only $43 would remain in the community. A stronger community economy means more jobs, safer neighborhoods, affordable housing, and better schools.

Green steps aren’t complicated or costly. Office Essentials will conduct a free, non-invasive facility tour to discover ways your company can reduce energy costs, product costs, process costs, and create a happier, healthier work environment.

“What sets Office Essentials above the competition is their attention to personalized service…” – Bob McNeese, TFI Family Services

It’s time for SmartChoice

Office Essentials SmartChoice Program

The Smartchoice Program partners with local offices to help them with the true essentials of business: time, costs and carbon footprint. While most industry suppliers offer a transactional service, Office Essential’s SmartChoice focuses on saving you time and money while creating sustainable solutions for your business and our community