Smart Snacking at the Office


It’s 2:30 on a Thursday afternoon. You’re scrambling to meet project deadlines at 5 o’clock, you’re going through all the “TGIF” memes in your mind in anticipation for tomorrow, and you ate your lunch earlier than normal so you’re stomach is growling uncontrollably as you’re slowly sinking into the afternoon at work coma. It’s time for a snack break. Off to the vending machine, we go!

We are all too familiar with days like this at the office, and sometimes it’s inevitable to avoid. However, that doesn’t mean we need to allow ourselves to slack on making healthy snack choices! In fact, this is the perfect time to give ourselves a little kick-start to finish the day strong and focused. Here are some tips to help you make better snack choices for moments when you need a little pick-me-up.


Kristin’s secret snack stash at her desk.

Personalized Secret Snack Drawer: Organize the perfect snack drawer for your desk! Make a list of foods that are easy to store and are accessible to you when you have the munchies.  Make sure you include healthy options that will help provide you with energy and protein you need to keep you awake and satisfied for the rest of the day. Try packing individual baggies of your snacks for portion sizing to avoid “mind-less” snacking.

Healthy Vending Machine: Talk with your vendor, or the person who orders your vending machine snacks, about healthier options for the vending machine. The more options, the better!

Motivational Stick-Notes: Place motivational and inspirational quotes and photos within eye’s sight of your work space. Sometimes our minds like to play little tricks on us to make us think we need a snack, but really all we need is a little, inner pep talk to keep plugging the day away.

Water bottle: Keep a large container of water on your desk at all times. Like I mentioned above, sometimes our minds like to trick us into thinking we must have a snack, but really we may just be thirsty. Gulp down some water and see how you feel ten minutes later. If you’re still needing a snack, then reach into that snack drawer!

Don’t let a stressful, exhausting day at work keep you from treating your body to a healthier lifestyle! You can do it!

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