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Office Essentials Open House
Last Thursday, Office Essentials hosted our latest customer open house. We hold these events about once a quarter to give us a chance to open our doors to our customers and let them get the first look at new workplace-elevating products or programs we are rolling out. For example, the customers who came to the last event got the first taste of our new partnership with Kaldi’s Coffee.

This time around customers were presented with another batch of exciting new initiatives. In case you missed it, here is a short recap. (And subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss the next one!)


Lexmark joined us to present a few new product offerings and device-based software for printers. AccuRead Automate was one piece of software that was generating a lot of interest among our customers. In short, it identifies and then extracts up to four individual fields from any document loaded into a printer’s document feeder. It then allows a user to route the document to a network location, send notifications (like email), create a smart file name, and even allows text-based documents to become searchable. It’s very powerful, and surprisingly simple to use.

For any school districts looking to cut cost, Lexmark was also showing their Testing and Grading Solutions. By adding this solution to your Lexmark device you can print test forms and then simply grade them by scanning the completed tests back onto the device. It even allows for customizable reporting of the results. It cut costs and makes grading simpler, all without adding to your workload.


Pak-it is a revolutionary new cleaning solution. They are small pouches of cleaning chemical contained in a small “paks”. You buy a small, light-weight tub of these parks instead of large, heavy cases of ready to use cleaners. (Windex, 409, carpet cleaner, air freshener, etc.) When you need more cleaning chemical, you drop the pak into your re-usable spray bottle and fill it with water from your sink.

It dissolves in an instant, leaving you with the precise mixture of cleaning solution for the task at hand without spills, mess, or waste.

Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark was here to show us their MOD Dispenser Program, which provides the ability to match all bathroom dispensers from air fresheners to bath tissue dispensers.

MOD offers the flexibility to offer manual, auto-electronic, or auto-assist dispensers to accommodate the customer’s environment.

Sitting is the New Smoking

We have all heard about the dangers of too much sitting. But too much standing is not good either, and sitting the wrong way is bad, too. Customers in attendance were given some facts and figures to put the health affects in perspective, and were shown some techniques for offsetting the negative effects of too much sitting.



A good, informative time was had by all, and as an added bonus, Lunch from Salt + Smoke was served. If you like barbecue, please make a point to check them out – their food is very good.

More Information

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