Office Essentials’ Top Albums of 2017 To Listen to at Work

Like listening to music while you work? So do we, and here are our favorite tunes from 2017 that got us through our days.

For anyone in an office environment that’s at their desk for hours at a time, it’s no secret that music is a key to working happily. Here’s this millennial’s take on the albums in 2017 that helped make the workday go by quickest.

5. Divide by Ed Sheeran

Leave it to everyone’s favorite red head to put out the best pop album of the year (again). Sheeran broadens his musical horizons and delivers a perfect blend of musicianship, songwriting and heart.

Andrew’s Standout Track – Shape of You

4. Colors by Beck

Is there anyone in the last 20+ years that can blend genres as effortlessly as Beck has done throughout his career? This album is alive with sounds evocative of the best that 90s dance music had to offer.

Andrew’s Standout Track – Up All Night

3. Harry Styles by Harry Styles

It can’t be easy trying your hand at a solo album after spending time in one of the biggest boy bands ever. The former One Direction member solidified himself as a megastar with a debut that is mature well beyond his age. Styles was clearly influenced by icons such as David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. He’s set the bar very high for himself going forward.

Andrew’s Standout Track – Sign of the Times

2. Damn by Kendrick Lamar

There’s no denying that Kendrick Lamar is the reigning, undisputed king of the rap and hip-hop world. Following up on his masterpiece, To Pimp a Butterfly, this album hits the mark as the quintessential social commentary on the year that was.

Andrew’s Standout Track – DNA

1. American Dream by LCD Soundsystem

A 7-year hiatus between albums has done nothing to dull the edge on James Murphy and Co. The band still delivers epic dance tracks sure to keep you groovin’ in your cube well into the new year. Murphy’s trademark wit and self-aware lyrics are on full display and the album proves the party for this band isn’t ready to end quite yet.

Andrew’s Standout Track – Tonite

Andrew Corns is a Business Relationship Manager at Office Essentials. His wife Alicia also works at OE in the furniture department. They are getting ready to have their first child.

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Andrew Corns
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Andrew is 33 years old. He was born in a town with a population less than 150 people, west of St. Louis, MO.  He is married with a 1-year old son, Jude. Andrew was a self-proclaimed nerd before it was cool to be one, and is an avid fan of Liverpool Football Club, the St. Louis Blues & Los Angeles Lakers.  He can name every Beatles album in chronological order of release. Marvel>DC, but Batman>Everyone. Andrew spent 10 years in restaurant management before joining Office Essentials as a Strategic Account Manager and Editorial Writer.