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Coffee. It’s the drink most closely associated with productivity. Study after study has demonstrated a positive effect on our alertness and it has even been shown to give people a more positive attitude. It’s no wonder that workplaces take the coffee they provide to their workers so seriously; and equally surprising that office coffee providers so routinely let those companies down.

As we talk to our customers about their office coffee service, we hear a lot of angst towards the traditional office coffee providers out there. Complaints like they are hard to get a hold of, or high minimum orders, or worse — hidden fees.

That’s why Office Essentials took everything our customers disliked about their office coffee service agreements and delivery and got rid of it. Instead, we offer you great office coffee service with savings that will make you do a spit-take. In other words, we offer our customers a lot of perks, pardon the pun, that our competition just can not match.

Our Office Coffee Machines and Service Program:

coffee brans at Office Essentials

  • No regular monthly product minimums, you order as much or as little coffee as you want
  • Free delivery and no minimum orders
  • Combined Delivery – Order coffee and supplies when you order your office supplies – all with free delivery
  • A full line of coffee machines, brewers, and air pots
  • Kaldi’s, Starbuck’s, Seattle’s Best, Peet’s, or Folgers — more selection and better prices
  • Creamer, sweetener, utensils, cups — a full selection of supplies and accessories
  • Tea, cocoa, and more — a wide selection of other beverages for non-coffee drinkers
  • Online Ordering – Favorite lists for common items makes reordering easy and quick.

Office Essentials has developed a no-hassle coffee machine program that is as easy as 1-2-3

  • Pick the appropriate brewer size for your office
  • Select your favorite coffee and other beverages
  • Pick the accessories you need to keep the coffee flowing

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