Awesome Website Alert: Office Background Noise Generator

This office background noise generator plays common sounds of the office in a browser tab to make you think you are working in an office.

Office Background Noise generator

The Sound of Colleagues is the result of a creative collaboration between the advertising agency Familjen STHLM and audio branding agency Red Pipe Studios. It was created as a reaction to COVID-19’s strict work from home policies in Sweden — but it’s free for anyone to enjoy.

It’s a simple site that softly plays common office background sounds. You can even use the sliders to get more or less of certain sounds. For example, I have a dog, so I have to turn down the office dog sound, or my real dog barks at it. But I like the clickety-clack of keyboards, so I turn that one up.

I’ve found that working from home can be very quiet — almost isolating at times — and this little site can gently provide that office background noise you didn’t know you missed, except you never get interrupted! The site’s designers also created a Spotify playlist with a few pre-made “sounds of the office” soundtracks you can choose from.

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Let me know what you think if you check out the office background noise generator.

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