Kaldi’s Coffee in Your Office: Rethink Delicious Coffee at Work

Office Essentials offers Kaldi's Coffee in Your Office

Office Essentials is proud to offer you Kaldi’s Coffee in your office.

Coffee at work is an important thing. It is what gets you going in the morning, it is what keeps you humming throughout the day, and it would certainly not be something you could go without. How important is it? Well, consider that 65% of workers drink coffee on the job, and those workers average three cups a day each.

Studies show that almost half of your employees would rather have free coffee than a company Christmas party and 40% of you don’t think you could live without it. On top of that, coffee improves performance. Caffeine keeps people awake, alert, and focused. Coffee also improves memory and concentration, which helps reduce the number of mistakes they make.
For those who work long or late hours, caffeine has also been proven to help prevent work-related injuries. Forty percent of surveyed employees said they’ve had productive work conversations over coffee.

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All of those stats talked about the importance of coffee in the office, but there was no mention of quality. And really, what good is coffee if it’s bad? That’s where we come in. We want to help you elevate the coffee in your office. Office Essentials is proud to be able to offer you Kaldi’s Coffee in your office. The same great coffee you know from their cafes and your grocery stores is now available with your office supplies delivery for your office.

Kaldi’s is the perfect coffee partner for Office Essentials. Like us, they are a local, St. Louis-owned and operated company. The footprint of their business, again like us, extends across the state of Missouri to Kansas City. Kaldi’s believes in high quality, sustainable coffee and they are as dedicated as we are to exceptional customer service and your success.

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Greg Bussmann About the author: Greg Bussmann is a Marketing Specialist at Office Essentials. He is a lifelong, proud St. Louisan, a technology enthusiast, and father to four teenage daughters. He spends his spare time providing rides, chaperoning dates and trying to keep track of his credit cards. He also enjoys watching the St. Louis Cardinals when it’s his turn to use the remote. Email Greg anytime.

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