7 Benefits You Get From Office Essentials That Traditional Jan/San Suppliers Can’t Offer You

Facility Supplies at Office Essentials

Do you ever wonder if you could get more from your current facilities supplier?

Our customers don't have to. Office Essentials' unique approach to the true essentials of business -- saving time, costs, and carbon -- offers you benefits on facilities and breakroom supplies that you can't find at a traditional jan/san supplier that only offers those products.

Here are seven things Office Essentials will do as your facilites supplies partner that traditional Jan/San suppliers can’t offer you:

  1. All-in-one ordering: Order your facility and breakroom supplies with your office products.
  2. Combined Delivery: One order means one delivery, which is easier for you to manage.
  3. Consolidated Invoicing: Since there was one order, there is only one invoice.
  4. No Minimum Orders: order whenever, and however you like.
  5. Product Selection & Price: more selection and better pricing.
  6. Online Ordering: favorites lists for common items makes reordering easy and quick.
  7. Go green: No one has more green products or a better understanding of them.

Take Your Facility Supplies to another level

If your Jan/San vendor isn't offering you these 7 things, call us to see the benefit in working with a true partner.