How To Improve The Coffee Served at Work

This is precisely why we decided to partner with Kaldi’s Coffee and offer our customers a better alternative to typical office coffee.

Improving your Coffee Approach

While not all companies want or need to have a complete coffee shop, there are some way to improve the coffee you do serve:

Buy better beans. One of the easiest ways to improve office coffee is by buying better beans. This usually means having fresh beans and grinding them as needed. Don’t skimp on the best bargain just to save a few pennies. Invest in something that offers superior taste and is harvested ethically.

Improve your brewing methods. Here’s an excellent post on how to determine the type of brewing method that is right for your office.

Amp up your add-ins. I take cream in my coffee and nothing is worse than adding fake creamer. Consider offering better sugars, creams or flavorings to channel a “specialty” shop atmosphere.

Ask your staff. You might also ask staff if they have any favorites that would make their office coffee experience better. Getting their input positions you as a democratic leader and affirms the fact that your people have a voice—and a vote—in their office environment.

Want To Improve The Coffee Served at Your Work?

If you want to talk about improving the coffee at your office, please see our Coffee and Breakroom Supplies page or send us an email.

Source: Turnstone Blog

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