HP Reinvent Recap: It’s a great time to be a top HP Reseller

We sent Ken Koboldt, our Managed Print & Technology Manager to HP Reinvent, HP Inc.’s largest global partner event where they shared their vision for protecting print in the workplace, arming partners with new tools to safeguard their print environment, and reshape how businesses print. They also revealed their new print products and solutions that they will be launching to the market very soon.

One of the ways HP hopes to disrupt the print business in early 2018 is with HP Roam which simply borrows the Uber business model to print. The technology enables mobile professionals to print anytime from any location and any device, and retrieve their prints securely from a growing set of print locations at the office, at home or at public sites. It remains to be seen how well HP can execute this new service but it is a testament to HP’s reputation as the trend setter in the print industry.

HP also revealed significant advancements in their “Smart Device Service” which uses predictive analytics to know in advance that a part is going to fail and then change the operational settings to correct the issue like throttling down the fuser temp to extend the life of the part when only small print jobs are performed in a small period of time. HP is investing heavily in predictive analytics to increase fleet uptime and reduce resellers service cost.

It’s a great time to be a top HP Reseller and Office Essentials will stay on top of these developments and bring you more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, here are some pictures Ken snapped while at the event. And yes, that is Christian Slater, who was on hand promoting his award-winning printer security video called “The Wolf”.

Ken Reinvent20178

Ken Reinvent20175

Ken Reinvent20176

Ken Reinvent20172

Ken Reinvent20173

Ken Reinvent201714jpg

Ken Reinvent20171

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