Your Desk Should Fit You Like a Tailored Shirt

Your Desk Should Fit You Like a Tailored Shirt

Like you, your workstation should be unique, and if it’s not, your productivity will suffer and you open yourself up to all sorts of other bad things: you’ll type slower, error rates and discomfort will increase, and if you just ignore that pain in your shoulders, neck, or wrist, it can lead to injury — like carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a pinched nerve in your wrist that causes tingling, pain, and numbness.

But if your workstation fits you, the opposite is true. In fact, studies show that if you’re comfortable, your performance increases by 10% to 15%.

“Your workstation should fit you like a tailored shirt,” says University of California ergonomist David Rempel. “If I come to your workstation and you’re six inches taller than me, it shouldn’t fit me.”

Unfortunately, ergonomics, which is the study of how workspaces affect our work, are often not a priority in many offices whether in terms of design or ongoing training. If that is the case in your office, here’s a quick guide on how to turn your desk into the ideal workspace for optimal health and productivity:


Source: Business Insider

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