How to Reduce Waste in the Office: Morning Coffee Edition

How to Reduce Waste: Morning Coffee Edition

When I started at Office Essentials, I quickly got into a nice office coffee routine each morning. After a few weeks, I realized just how much trash I was creating every day by simply grabbing a coffee from our breakroom. This made me try to be more environmentally friendly with my coffee, and I thought I would share the process I came up with. So, here are three easy tips to reduce waste while still getting your morning pick-me-up.

1. Bring your own cup

Bringing your own coffee mug means you won’t be throwing away those paper or styrofoam cups every day. Plus, I think everyone prefers a mug over styrofoam any day!

2. Get a family size coffee creamer

If you are a ‘coffee with cream’ person like me, bringing a large container of creamer and keeping it in the fridge means you won’t be throwing away the tiny, individual cups of creamer every day. I found myself using 3-6 single-serving creamers a day! Now, I bring my own and it lasts about three weeks.

3. Pour your creamer first!

Another creamer tip – pour in your creamer before your coffee. This way the coffee “stirs” the creamer in and you won’t have to use a plastic or wooden stirrer. If you’d rather pour your coffee first, just use a washable spoon to stir!

Implementing these three, simple tips have reduced my waste from a cup, 3-6 individual creamer cups, and a wooden stirrer daily, to only recycling a large creamer container every few weeks. Nobody is perfect when it comes to reducing waste, but these little tips steps can make a big impact in the long run!

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Ellie Dixon
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Ellie Dixon is an E-Commerce Specialist at Office Essentials. She is from Alton, IL and graduated from Miami University of Ohio in May 2019. In her free time, you can find her on the phone with her mom or at her favorite spot by her apartment, Sasha’s Wine Bar.