How to find the right printer for your office or workgroup

When it’s time for a new printer, it can be hard to know if you are buying the right model for your team’s needs. Here are the 4 steps we use to help our customers find the right printer for their office.

Here’s If you have decided that your office or workgroup would benefit from having a new printer, but aren’t sure how to make sure you buy the right one for your needs, here is the process we use to help our customers narrow the choices down and find the right printer for their office.

If you are in this situation, the team here at Office Essentials helps our customers sort through these kinds of printer choices every day and would be happy to do the same for you: email us.

In a nutshell, the key is to identify your can’t-live-without printer features, match those to your requirements, and narrow down the printer choices from there.

Our team goes through these steps in more detail with our customers to help them drill down to the right printer:

  1. Analyzing Volume – It’s important to know how many pages your team prints per month. Matching the new printer’s capabilities with your workgroup’s output saves you from both having an under-powered printer trying to do too much and from spending more than necessary on too much printer for your situation.

  2. Does the group need color? – Sure, everybody wants color – but does everybody need color? Probably not. Color printers are becoming a must-have option for offices these days, but in many offices color is only an occasional requirement. If this is the case, you may be better off with a monochrome “workhorse” printer for your team to use every day, and a smaller color laser (or even inkjet) around for the occasional color print run.

  3. Single or Multifunction– A multifunction printer may be able to replace several other machines in the office – the copier, scanner, and/or fax machines. This is often a desired outcome for our customers, but replacing those machines is not always what’s needed. Sometimes a stand-alone, monochrome printer is all that is required to get the job done. It sounds simple, but remember, your goal is to buy exactly as much printer as you need.

  4. Total Cost of Ownership – The total cost of ownership, or TCO, is more than just the cost of the printer. You should also account for all the supplies, maintenance and other components that may need to be replaced over the life of the printer. This is where picking the right printer for the job will optimize your expense over time. Too small a printer, while requiring less expense up front, will increase your TCO because you will be replacing the toner cartridge much more often than you would be with a right-sized printer. (And possibly buying more drums and other components that wear out normally with use). And if you buy too much printer, you are spending more money than is necessary, and no one wants to do that if it can be avoided.

Hopefully these tips help you make the right choice next time you need a new printer of multi-function machine. If you have any questions or would like to continue the conversation, please reach out to us or leave a comment on this post.

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  1. You’re right, trying to find the right printer can be hard with all the choices out there. I think it’s important to first narrow down your needs or else you can get overwhelmed. Your fourth tip is great cause that will help you save a lot of money down the road if you do it right. Thanks for the tips.

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