How Many Unwashed Hands Have You Touched Today?

80% of you have seen someone leave the restroom without washing their hands

Soap, vigorous scrubbing, and water. Those are the key ingredients to properly clean your hands. In fact, Global Handwashing Day is designed specifically to call attention to this do-it-yourself health step that prevents illness and saves lives around the world.

For the past ten years, Bradley Corporation has conducted a Healthy Hand Washing Survey to communicate the benefits of this important cleansing action.

According to the Healthy Hand Washing Survey, 97% of Americans believe it’s important to wash their hands after using a public restroom. However, just 66% always wash their hands after using a public restroom. Another 25% say they usually do; 5% do so half of the time; 3% usually don’t, and 1% say they never wash up after using a public restroom.

A lack of soap or paper towels are the most frequently cited reasons for skipping this critical cleansing step.

Another troubling stat revealed by the survey is 82% of respondents say they’ve regularly or occasionally seen others leave a public restroom without washing their hands. It’s a number that’s edged up over the past two years.

On the other hand, the survey does contain good news. 70% of Americans report they suds up more frequently, more thoroughly or longer when they hear about a flu virus going around.

Here’s a video we made for Global Handwashing Day:

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