Forget everything you thought you knew about office printers

HP PageWide Technology can redefine your view of office printing, setting a new standard for environmental and business performance.

HP Pagewide technology
HP PageWide Technology powering OfficeJet X series prints across the entire page in a single pass, delivering laser performance at up to 70 pages per minute for half the cost-per-page.

HP PageWide Technology heralds a new generation of business printers. And a whole new outlook on printing.

  • The best of inkjet (high quality, low costs)
  • The best of laser (speed, reliability)
  • The best environmental credentials of any HP printing platform in its class

Reduce your organization’s environmental impact.

According to a third-party analysis, business printers using HP PageWide Technology:

  • Can reduce the carbon footprint of printing by up to 55%
  • Use up to Generate up to 84% less energy than laser printers
  • Generate up to 94% less supplies and packaging waste than comparable laser printers

Lower printing costs and improve performance

Printers using HP PageWide Technology offer:

  • Up to 2x faster print speeds than laser
  • More pages between cartridge replacements
  • Up to 50% lower costs per page than laser
  • More efficient mobile printing, using your smartphone or tablet

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