Foodservice turning to disposable packaging to help prevent Covid-19 spread

Despite the growth in the food carryout market, consumers are becoming more conscious about food safety.

From: NS Packaging:
According to a study conducted by market researcher G&S Business Communications, 69% of Americans are more concerned about food safety than they were a few months ago.

Published in May, it also found that 44% of people say they now clean their food packaging with disinfectant, while 65% said research indicating food and packaging are unlikely to spread Covid-19 would be reassuring.

Backman says, due to concerns like this, operators are generally looking at disposable products in a positive way.

He explained: “This is because they see it as one the ways that they can ensure properly safe conditions.” disposable food container

Alongside becoming more attuned to food hygiene, the number of people concerned about the environment during the pandemic has also grown.

In May, market researcher FMCG Gurus published research that found that 55% of consumers have now become “more concerned” about the environment as a result of Covid-19.

Dr Kemp believes the foodservice industry is “ready to pick up the challenge” posed by the environmentally-conscious consumer during this time.

He added: “I think most consumers today are more green and think about sustainability more, but I also think we have to wake up to the fact that we’re living a world where people are very conscious about health and safety.

“Therefore, if health and safety means we move ourselves to disposable packaging when away from home, then that’s going to happen.”

To make this disposable packaging as sustainable as possible, Dr Kemp believes the industry must think about recyclable and biodegradable products.

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