Flushing Your Assumptions: Women Are Less Hygienic at Work Than Men

We spend a lot of time at work, so it goes without saying that we use the restrooms at work a lot. And keeping those areas clean is a constant struggle.

So who should you look at as the worst offenders at your job? A new study conducted by Initial Hygiene may make you flush your assumptions down the drain.

They surveyed 5,500 people and found that men are more likely than women to clean the toilet seat after using it, as well as, wait for it…lowering the lid.

In addition, men are just as likely to wash their hands at work as women after using the toilet.

The survey also measured the expectations of those taking it, and found their results were about the opposite of what everyone figured they would be. 45 percent of women believed their male coworkers would be the unhygienic ones, while 89 percent of men thought women would have the higher standards.

Turns out both genders wash their hands with soap at work 96 percent of the time. (Or so they claim.) And 77 percent of men are cleaning their toilet seat before sitting, compared to 59 percent of women. And afterward, 52 percent of men mop up compared to 42 percent of women.

Psychologist Emma Kenny told The Daily Mail that men apparently have a “real understanding of the importance of bathroom cleanliness.” We’ll let you debate that point among your coworkers.

Our Take: There’s An Urgent Need to Keep Your Restrooms Clean

No matter who makes your restroom messy, Office Essentials has everything you need to get it clean again. Whether you want to revamp your soap and towel dispensers, or just make sure you have the right chemicals to clean with, email your questions to our Facilities Product Manager.

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