Extra Mile Customer Service: You Can’t Say You Do It Until Your Customer Sends You Fruit.

Have you ever been in one of those situations where, as a customer, you are talking with a representative of a company you are trying to do business with, and you get the feeling that this person really doesn’t care if you spend your money with them or not?

You know the person could help you, but they are giving you excuse after excuse as to why they won’t. Unfortunately everyone reading this probably has a story like this.

Recently one of our great Kansas City customers received this treatment from a couple of (unnamed) furniture rental stores when trying to get her hands on some extra chairs for an important meeting she was having at her facility. Whatever the reason — too many chairs, too short a deadline, who knows — she was getting nowhere fast with the rental companies, and she was getting stressed because her meeting was coming up and she didn’t have enough chairs for everyone.

She was relaying this story to our sales rep David Hill, and Lauri Davis, one of our customer service reps in our Kansas City office, when Lauri suggested that maybe Office Essentials could help her out. Now, we don’t even rent chairs, but Lauri knew that we had just taken back some used chairs from another company who had bought new ones.

Knowing that we deliver to this customer all the time, Lauri put two and two together and worked it out with our warehouse manager Dewayne Bear to send the customer 10 chairs for her two day meeting, and then go back and get them afterwards.

They went the extra mile without even thinking about it, and that is what we strive for in all of our customer interactions, (in fact, we even gave it a name: The Essential Experience).

The customer was so appreciative, she sent Lauri, David and Dewayne a fruit basket! Now, we don’t do what we do for gifts, but I think it does say something about our KC crew that they made this customer want to take the time to send one.

Nice job Lauri, David and Dewayne:

fruit photo

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Greg Bussmann
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