Do you manage your printers, or do your printers manage you?

Have you ever come into work in the morning, energized to dive into your todo list and get things done, only to be immediately derailed by an annoying task like changing the toner in the printer?

If you read that statement and feel like you are in the group that gets managed by their printers, Managed Print Services may be able to turn that arrangement around and make your job a lot easier.

People that are managed by their printers usually experience one of these problems:

  • Frequently placing rush orders – Are you caught off guard by your printers running out of ink or toner? Do you need toner for a new printer you did not know you even had? Rush orders are an expensive, inefficient way to manage your printers.
  • A supply closet full of toner – this is the opposite problem. You don’t want to be surprised by a printer running out of toner. So you fill the supply closet with a few toners for every printer in the building. Before long, the closet is full of obsolete toner for printers you no longer own. This can also be an expensive, inefficient way to manage your printers.

There’s a better way

Office Essentials customers that are using Managed Print Services have discovered the peace of mind and the extra time it can provide to take care of their primary jobs. Taking control of your printers does not require a drastic change to your organization. Office Essentials offers Managed Print Services in many forms and can even tailor a solution specifically for the particular “pain” your printers cause.

Are you ready to tell your printers who’s boss?

This is just scratching the surface of what Managed Print Services can do for your company. Office Essentials can show you how to take control of your printers and save your company substantial money.

To schedule a demo contact your Office Essentials rep or click here to contact Office Essentials now.

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