5 Best Practices for Proper Cubicle Etiquette

cubicle etiquette best practivces

This post was written on National Cubicle Day, but really, any time is a good time to review some basic cubicle etiquette. For those of us that have to sit in them, it can be the difference between a happy day and a not-so-happy one.

And this is important, because the average American spends 9 hours a day at work – which for most people is probably more time than you are awake at home.

So, if you want to remain friends with your fellow cubicle-based co-workers, here are some best practices to employ:

1. Knock first

It’s a simple courtesy to prevent startling a coworker who might be deep in thought or using headphones. It also gives the cube dweller the opportunity to wave you off if the timing is bad. (Protip: if you are the one being startled, put a small mirror on your computer monitor so you can see who is creeping up behind you.)

2. Eat smelly food in the breakroom

Burnt microwave popcorn is probably the first smell that comes to mind, but there are many others that can permeate the entire office. Any food that has a strong odor should probably be consumed in the company breakroom – or better yet, at home. Besides, it’s healthier to get away from your desk for a bit.

3. Avoid speaker phones/watch your volume

While a little office gossip can be fun, for the most part, people don’t want to hear your business.

4. Stop being the “prairie dog.”

This is the person who pops up unexpectedly over their neighbor’s wall, scaring the daylight out of them.

5. Deal with gas in the bathroom

If you’ve got indigestion or gas, chew an antacid and visit the bathroom. Obviously, right?

So, what would you add to this list?

Source | Bizjournals.com

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