Communicating In Tough Conditions Just Got Easier With New Post-it Extreme Notes

Rain, wind, cold, hot conditions and tough surfaces are no match for new innovative note from Post-it Brand

A study conducted by Wakefield Research found that to relay important information, 51% of non-office workers use unconventional, and unreliable, materials like scraps of paper, gum wrappers or receipts1. Now, Post-it Extreme Notes offer a durable, water-resistant and writable surface to capture notes and information.

“Dependable communication is key for productive, accurate work and timely results, yet our research uncovered that 82% of workers outside the office experience challenges with non-verbal communication,” said Remi Kent, global business director, Post-it Brand. “After years of leading the market in office communication, Post-it Extreme Notes were developed specifically for this need outside of traditional offices. This new tool can get messages across, even in the toughest conditions.”

Post-it Extreme Notes can stick on rough surfaces and in conditions often found on job sites in construction, foodservice and manufacturing, and they also stick in tough areas within the home like inside freezers, boiler rooms, garages and bathrooms. With Dura-Hold Paper and Adhesive, the notes stick securely on rough and textured surfaces from raw wood to brick, cement, tile, steel and more, as well as around piping and corners. Once applied to a dry surface, the notes will withstand extreme elements, including wet conditions, rain, wind, snow and moisture, as well as temperatures from zero degrees Fahrenheit up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, while always removing cleanly.

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