Closing Out 2020 on a High Note

This year we partnered with Ranken Jordan Pediatric Hospital on a Christmas Adopt-a-Family initiative. ##

I don’t have to tell you that 2020 has been a challenging year all around. We knew, though, that as hard as we may have had it, the two families we adopted would provide us needed perspective.

The ability of these kids to be so positive after what they have been through is an inspiration. Shawn Menke, our Sales Director, has met the kids we are helping, and he lights up when he talks about these families and the work Ranken Jordan does.

As usual, the OE team stepped up in a big way to make sure these families had a great Christmas. They deserve a collective pat on the back.

And to the families from Ranken Jordan, you’ve touched and inspired us. We hope you enjoyed your holiday half as much as it sounds like you did. We’ll continue to keep you and your grandchildren in our thoughts and prayers. Keep in touch as to your grandson’s progress.

Dear Office Essentials and team,
My family wants to let you know that you all are some of the best peoples we know! We are humbled and grateful for allowing us to get to know you! You knocked us off our feet when you went above and beyond to help our family. I just adopted my two small grandchildren because my son and their mother were killed in a car accident, leaving my two small grandchildren with s no parents now. Also my 4 yr old grandson is going through a third brain surgery at the beginning of january!

I adopted my grandchildren to make sure they have the proper love and medical care they need to make them well and whole again! So your thoughtfulness is a gift we will always treasure in our hearts. You know sometimes the simplest things mean the most. The gifts and help was so fabulous. You really made our day. All we can say is wow! Our hearts just keep thanking you!
You and your team have been truly a blessing! You were angels sent for heaven just for us.

Please accept our sincere gratitude for your help during our family crisis. We know how busy you are trying to balance the demands that you have from people everyday! You and your team are the kind of people that give life and relief to a family situation. We appreciate the accommodations (you and your team) have made to support our family.

We really want to express our heartfelt thanks for all(you and your team) have done for our

The Mershon family

Now, I need to go figure out who’s chopping onions in here.

Greg Bussmann About the author: Greg Bussmann is a Marketing Specialist at Office Essentials. He is a lifelong, proud St. Louisan, a technology enthusiast, husband, and father to four daughters and three dogs. He enjoys watching the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues. Email Greg anytime.

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