How to tell if you need a new office chair
Office Furniture

How to Tell You’re Ready for a New Office Chair

Do you need a new office chair? Most of us spend a third of our day (or more) sitting at our desks. The right chair can make a huge difference in your productivity, comfort, and health, while the wrong chair can do the opposite. Are you ready for a new one? You probably are if… Your shoulders and neck are stiff and sore. You have to stretch to reach your [Read More]

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Power Protection 101: Is your business equipment and data at risk?

We all know that power surges are the enemy of sophisticated electronics like those we really on in the office every day, but how much do we know about protecting our computers, servers, and even our telephone systems? Well, if you are like me, not very much. I recently took part in a webinar put on by our partner Eaton, that went into detail about what power protection is, and [Read More]

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Coffee and Breakroom

Office Coffee Is The One Perk Companies Should Splurge On

How important is office coffee? Up until recently, my wife was a nurse at a large St. Louis hospital. Just like many large corporations these days, the hospital decided that it needed to do some cost-cutting. Suddenly gone were the free meals in the cafeteria during shifts, the birthday gift cards, and a few other things. The nurses took these moves in stride, everyone seemed to understand where the company [Read More]