Juneteenth becomes national holiday

Throughout this era of robust social change, employers are searching for ways to continue to foster diverse and inclusive workplaces that honor, support, and welcome all employees. In the case of acknowledging Juneteenth, we honor our African American coworkers, customers, family, and friends. Recognizing the importance of racial and social justice dialogue in overall diversity [...]

Here’s a Simple Post-it Note To-Do List System

Are you looking for an easy way to get more organized? Want a dead-simple way to track the tasks you need to complete? Then check this out. I just found this on Twitter: ? Here's my to-do system that's only @Postit's pic.twitter.com/7Pm5ts1u5m— ؜ (@levelsio) September 15, 2017 While you’re at it, make sure you aren’t [...]

Happy National Teachers Day!

Happy National Teachers Day! Office Essentials provides supplies and solutions for school districts across the midwest, and we are committed to making it easy for teachers and administrators to find the tools they need. As schools begin to fully reopen, there’s been a definite shift toward teachers requesting more technology to boost students’ learning. While [...]

Inviting you to think outside the (lunch) box

Learn how to make Bulgogi from scratch in this online cooking class. Chef Bomi Park will be leading us in an interactive, online cooking class, teaching us to make the perfect Bulgogi, the classic, Korean, grilled meat dish. You’ll begin by preparing the marinade for your beef or pork with soy sauce, honey, finely chopped [...]

Just in time for Earth Day, we have an exciting new offering for you

Today is Earth Day. To celebrate we have an exciting new offering for you. We have partnered with MRC Electronics Recycling to offer end-of-life e-waste recycling to our clients. Anytime you want to recycle old electronics or hardware, call MRC and arrange a pickup. What can be recycled? Anything with a cord or battery, plus [...]