The Current State of the Copy Paper Market

Due to a variety of pandemic-related circumstances over the past 2 years, U.S. paper mills are down 1.6 million pallets of copy paper in capacity. All the while, the demand for paper is strong, creating an imbalance in the market — there is a shortage of paper to go around.

How to cut your toner expense in half

Our exclusive HP program offers you eye-popping savings. Schedule a demo to see for yourself if saving all that money makes sense for your organization.

Tips for Avoiding Paper Jams in Copiers and Printers

A number of factors can contribute to paper jams that occur in your copier and printer equipment. If you experience jamming issues, try these recommended suggestions

Post-Pandemic Office Trends

As the return to the office gains steam, what are the major workplace trends that will dictate the design of offices and the furniture inside them?

Why we joined the LGBTQ+ St. Louis Business Coalition

The LGBTQ+ St. Louis Business Coalition is a group of local business professionals who are passionate about advocating for themselves and other LGBTQ+ employees in their organizations, both to promote an equitable and just working environment and to bring awareness to the challenges faced by members of our community that impact how we/ they show [...]