Why assigned desks are out and flexibility is in

##We’re seeing more and more customers turn to the practice of “hoteling” or “hot desking” — the idea that workstations are set up generically and workers can choose their desk for the day. Indeed, we’ve set up a few hoteling station here at Office Essentials.

The trend towards a more relaxed workplace style is due to the rise of the mobile worker. Laptops, tablets and smartphones have freed workers from their desktop computers, and even their desks in some cases. This can even be good for companies as they can save money on having to account for floorspace for every employee.

Maria LaMagna has a great piece on MarketWatch that is well worth the read if you are interested in learning more about the trend:

In 2015, 58% of companies said they had increased the number of people working in “unassigned” or “collective use” spaces, according to a survey of companies by the International Facility Management Association, a trade organization for those who operate office spaces. About half of companies said in the last two years the number of employees working off-site — either in a co-working space, a satellite office or from home — has increased.

To accommodate these changes, new, “balanced” workspaces include a variety of settings; rather than designating specific furniture, such as a few benches, for individual work, offices are beginning to create spaces with a variety of furniture, such as a large farm-style table where individuals can choose to work if they want, said Alana Stevens, the chief marketing officer at Knoll, a design and furniture firm. And the function of different pieces of furniture or spaces where employees can work may change throughout the day.