And The Winner of The Best Donut in St. Louis is…

Old Town Donuts St. Louis
Tim Cronin, Keith Took, and Andrew Corns at Old Town in Florissant
After months of intense (and sugar-filled) research across every inch of St. Louis, Office Essentials is proud to announce the winner of our first-ever Essential Doughnut for the Workplace Award: Old Town Donuts!

Old Town Donuts has been a landmark location in the North County area for over 50 years and has fed three generations of St. Louis natives. Tim Cronin, a member of the Office Essentials sales force, has been an avid customer at Old Town for over 20 years and still gets a nostalgic feeling every time he walks in and remembers taking his daughter (now 21) to get her favorite chocolate Long John and strawberry milk. Tim’s is just one of countless stories by members of the community that reinforce why Old Town Donuts is a very deserving winner of this prestigious honor.
Old Town Donuts Award
When you go, don’t be surprised to get a warm welcome from the owner, Keith Took, as you walk in the doors and gaze in awe at the myriad options in the counter window. Keith and his family love what they do and it’s a testament to their craft when you see the wall behind the cash register adorned with dozens of plaques and awards. Old Town Donuts is unique to other shops in the area because they are open 24/7 (Florissant location) and have been an ideal destination for college students to come in, grab a donut & coffee and get some studying or homework done. Being open all day, every day also means Keith and his staff have to work around the clock to maintain fresh donuts, and they have that down to a science at this point. Inevitably though, there are donuts that don’t sell through and instead of just discarding them, Keith donates them to several organizations in North County which further strengthens their deep community ties.

Old Town Gooey Donut
The Old Town Gooey Butter Donut

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re having a meeting with a client or looking to get a couple of dozen donuts to show your appreciation to your coworkers, you can’t get a better donut than the ones at either of Old Town’s 2 area locations in Florissant and Cottleville. So go pay them a visit and load up on a mixture of classics or something more adventurous like a bacon-topped donut, one of their daily specials, or their signature gooey butter cake donut.

Andrew Corns
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