An Exclusive Savings Opportunity from Office Essentials and HP

Office Essentials is one of only a handful of dealers in the entire country with exclusive access to a new HP program that helps companies that use HP printer supplies and hardware save time, costs and carbon, all while increasing their productivity and security.

Program Benefits

  • Substantial HP Toner Savings
  • Substantial HP Hardware Savings

Program Requirements

  • A signed purchase agreement
  • Installation of a Data Collection Agent,(DCA), on your network.

Seeing is believing

Here’s an example of your potential savings: HP CF281X toner is widely available online at $282.99. In our program, your cost would be about $179.00. Yeah, it’s that drastic.

Want to see how much you can save?

Email your most-used genuine HP toner part number to [email protected] to see what you can save and start the conversation about joining the program.

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Greg Bussmann
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