90% of Workers Say Say a Good Cup of Coffee Can Make Entire Workday Better

In a recent survey office workers say coffee plays an important part in success in the workplace.

Coffee Can Make Entire Workday Better
Here’s one that anyone who doesn’t drink coffee probably will just never understand. Keurig Green Mountain conducted a “Coffee Break Survey” among office workers that identified themselves as coffee drinkers. What they found is that good coffee in the workplace has a variety of surprising social and professional benefits. In fact, coffee was identified as key in securing some of offices’ best business deals, networking, and important to office workers being their best. In fact, coffee drinkers are more likely to identify themselves as “professionally successful” than their non-coffee drinking counterparts.

For many office workers, a good cup of coffee can make entire workday better. Without their daily cup of coffee, coffee drinkers can feel a range of negative emotions:

  • exhausted (36%)
  • irritable (35%)
  • unproductive (30%)
  • disorganized (20%)
  • forgetful (14%)

The majority also say having coffee with a client or colleague can be a great way to build relationships. And while the majority of coffee drinkers agree having good coffee in the office is an important perk, over half wish their company would get better quality coffee for their office.

A coffee break can bring individuals together — 1 in 5 office workers (19%) say their colleagues do their best brainstorming or collaborating around the office coffee machine. Additionally, office workers say they like to visit the office coffee machine to catch up with co-workers (37%); interact with their boss in a more casual way (16%); brainstorm or collaborate with others on a project (13%); or spark their own creativity (9%).

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