3 Ways Managed Print Services Can Benefit Your Business

Tired of messing with printers? Here are 3 ways managed print services can benefit your business and remove that headache from your life.

benefits of managed print services

It has been said that office printing may make up as much as 3% of a company’s annual budget. On top of that, most companies don’t have a great handle on what exactly they are printing, let alone the many different models and brands of printers in their possession. Keeping each member of the printer fleet up and running and fed with the correct toner is a full time job for someone in the organization who probably already has a much more important full time job in the organization. If you know what I am talking about, or are that person at your company, you may be ready to experience the benefits of managed print services.

3 ways your company can reap the benefits of managed print services:

1. Cost Savings

A managed print service typically comes in the form of a small piece of software that sits on your computer network and monitors your printers. (When we say it ‘sits on your network’, technically, what we mean is that it runs as a service.) It will keep track of print volume, error messages, as well as paper and toner levels. Most MPS software can be configured to alert you, or even your supplier, that a particular printer is low on toner. This will generate an order for one toner that will arrive to the printer just in time to replace the near-empty one in the machine. This saves you from having to keep extra toners on hand. Indeed, it could even save you from having to know which toner to order for which printer. It is all automated.

2. Printer Fleet Optimization

Do employees overload a more-expensive to operate printer because it is more convenient to access than a much less costly to operate printer that is sitting idly by on the other side of the office? Your managed print software will provide you with this information, and you will then be able to re-deploy your printers in a more cost-effective arrangement.

3. Operational Control

Is there a constant struggle in your company over organizational printing policy? Is there a policy against printing certain kinds of documents in color that no one seems to adhere to? With managed print services, network administrators can regain control over such operational procedures and keep track of who printed what, and which printer they used.

Want to see some other ways managed print services can benefit your company?

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