10 Reasons Why Data Center Tape Will Remain Relevant in 2016 and Beyond

10 Reasons Why Data Center Tape Will Remain Relevant in 2016 and Beyond

A few months ago, we talked about how backup tape is very much a part of the future of storage. Despite propaganda spread around by disk and flash vendors, tape is very much alive and will play a major part in combatting rampant storage growth in the years ahead. Not only that, the field has already mapped out a ten-year path that promises much higher density and more rapid throughput.

Here’s a list we found from a storage partner of ours that lays out 10 reasons why data center tape will remain relevant in 2016 and Beyond

  1. Hybrid flash and tape storage systems
    Magnetic tape storage combined with other archival methods is reliable and cost-effective.

  2. Speed
    The average LTO-7 tape drive writes twice as fast as the average hard disk drive.

  3. Less data access latency
    Transfer time has been reduced 6X, significantly decreasing idle time.

  4. More data
    Tape helps lower storage footprint and cost, especially for data that are infrequently accessed or large format.

  5. Storage tiering
    Object and software-defined storage pair expertly with tape for varying levels of hot and cold storage.

  6. Supercomputer use
    Supercomputing centers across the globe frequently utilize tape storage as a critical piece of data management.

  7. The Cloud
    Data migration via tape to cloud is significantly faster than Internet transfer.

  8. Outpacing flash and disk
    Capacity improvements for tape indicate it is advancing faster than many other market options, which instead are reducing and stagnating.

  9. Mega format potential
    Combination with IBM and other corporations indicate expansion far beyond the current LTO roadmap.

  10. LTO and flash marriage concept
    A fusion cartridge would decrease load times, provide a data buffer, and include built-in backup.

Are you struggling to store all of your data? We know tape.

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Sourced from our partner EDP USA

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