Why Sitting Is So Bad For You

Video shows exactly why sitting is so bad for you

Here at Office Essentials we are hearing a lot about the dangers of sitting all the time. More and more customers are looking for alternative working options like standing desks, or the suddenly very popular sit/stand desks that adjust from one to the other. (If you’re curious, here are a few options from our store.)

Even as someone who hears about the dangers of sitting all the time, I was shocked to learn exactly what all that sitting is doing to your body, and also that there are better ways to sit if you can’t avoid it — and anyone that works in an office can tell you that it can’t be completely avoided. In the video below, Murat Dalkilinç goes into great detail about why sitting is so bad for you and exactly what it does to your body. Watch it then stand up and take a quick walk.

The video comes from a Ted Talk called “Why sitting is bad for you” by Murat Dalkilinç. Check out that link for even more links to great resources about the dangers of sitting and how you can adjust your work and lifestyle to accommodate more activity.

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