Things to Do In St. Louis if You’re in Town for the NHL All-Star Game

If you are in town visiting our city this weekend for the NHL All-Star Game, we know that at some point you will be looking to catch a good meal or maybe stop in at a St. Louis attraction. Dan Suchanek, who regularly brings you some stellar office hacks, also knows a thing or two about where to go and what to do in St. Louis. So we asked him to put together some recommendations for those of you visiting us this weekend that are a little bit off the beaten tourist path. Not completely off of it, mind you, he still wants you to experience the best of St. Louis.

Here is the video with his suggestions, and below it are links to all the places he mentions.

Here is where we linked to:

Have fun while you are in St. Louis, and let us know how your trip was!

Dan Suchanek
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