Are you shocked to see that employees under 35 prefer office life to remote working?

While remote working is becoming more a part of everyday work life all the time, it’s still a little surprising to see the results of a recent multi-generational workforce survey that show young workers actually prefer to come into the office.

From ZDNet:

A survey by UK-based managed communications services provider Maintel shows that the multi-generational workforce has vastly differing preferences when it comes to working in the office.

It asked 1,000 employed adults in the UK, who were aged 18 and over, to complete its poll in early 2017.

It found that 48 percent of those aged under 35 feel that they are most productive when they are in the office. However, only 19 percent of respondents aged above 55 agree.

Reasons for this dichotomy are varied. Younger workers might need face-to-face support of experienced co-workers. The survey showed that 28 percent found getting hold of colleagues or managers a challenge when working remotely.

It may also be due to the social aspects of office life, and when seeking promotions. Younger workers might need to ensure that they are seen to be doing valuable work.

Alternatively, older employees have responsibilities at home, and remote working allows them to be more efficient with their time.

The influence of young workers was certainly evident in the office furniture trends we just saw at NeoCon, so maybe this shouldn’t be seen as such a surprise after all.