Pulp Vs. Fiction: Know the Facts About Rising Copy Paper Prices and How We Can Help

Paper mills have announced a price increase effective on March 1, 2019. We’ve put together the video below to help explain why paper prices are going up. 

Office Essentials will continue to update you with any mill increases as they are announced while providing on-going documentation.

Office Essentials will not use increases to further our profit by exaggerating cost increases. Instead, we will only pass along the manufacturer’s increase.

Office Essentials will not play games, confusing you with smaller carton quantities, lesser quality paper, or expensive “club” membership fees. 

Office Essentials will continue to work with you to find ways to help your company or organization use less paper.

For example, we have managed print services software that can analyze your usage and identify ways for you to eliminate unnecessary paper consumption. We’re offering you this software for free during March. Email us for more details.

Office Essentials will continue to be the best value partner by marrying price & service.