Which Pen is the Best Pen?

What is your favorite pen

In a meeting recently, my boss was complaining about the pen she was using. It was flimsy, and too light, and it just didn’t write that well. It didn’t have a good “hand feel” I guess you could say. She had recently lost her good pen, and was using the first one she could find. (And that is, of course, the answer most people give to the favorite pen question: the first one I can find.)

We lamented that as an office supplies company, we should be able to do better for writing instruments than having to use the first one we can find. We are the type of people that should have a favorite pen.

Well it turns out that we do, and we will show you some of them in an upcoming post…but for now we want to know your favorites. (And you never know, we just might send you some.)

Leave us a comment below or post your favorite pen to our Facebook page.

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