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3 Ways Managed Print Services Can Benefit Your Business

It has been said that office printing may make up as much as 3% of a company’s annual budget. On top of that, most companies don’t have a great handle on what they are printing, let alone the many different models and brands of printers in their possession. Keeping each member of the printer fleet up and running and fed with the correct toner is a full time job for someone in the organization that probably already has a much more important full time job in the organization. [Read More]

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Germs Spread Faster Than Gossip in The Office

We all know how fast a good rumor can make its way around the office, but those salacious tidbits have nothing on another office nuisance: germs. In fact, this research shows that germs travel around the office even quicker than previously thought, going from hands onto communal surfaces within hours and from there to your desk in the span of just a couple of hours. [Read More]