Comfort at Work Improves Overall Quality of Life

Workers are creatures of habit, and that is not necessarily a good thing

New research commissioned by leading office ergonomics expert Fellowes has found that 94% of employees sit for long periods of time without moving around, 86% forget to give their eyes a break from their computer screens and 78% slouch at their desk. This is despite 91% of respondents agreeing that being comfortable when they’re at work improves their overall quality of life.

The results highlight a worrying trend among office employees. Despite knowing that bad habits impact health and wellbeing, people are doing nothing to improve workplace behaviors, with 25% having taken time off work due to health problems associated with working at a computer and 45% having taken medication.

Employers must do more to educate employees and dispel any embarrassment or stigmas around workplace wellbeing, as shockingly, 58% of workers are more likely to suffer in silence than raise concerns about their health.

Making just a few simple changes could have a significant impact on employee wellbeing, with foot rests, wrist supports and height adjustable desks cited as some of the ergonomic products that would help reduce absences caused by work-related ailments.

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