A Visual Guide to Good Ergonomic Posture

Do you notice your neck or back hurting at work? Do you have a lot of eye strain? Working at a desk all day can certainly take it’s toll on your body, but it doesn’t have to. Our partners at 3M have put together a helpful guide to personal comfort at work.

You can use these guidelines to set up your workspace to ensure good ergonomic posture and to attain optimal personal comfort.

Here are their tips:

  • Source documents positioned close to monitor screen for easy viewing.
  • Position your monitor 20 – 30″ from your eyes.
  • Position your monitor directly in front of your eyes.
  • Use an ergonomic mouse
  • Your head, neck and shoulders should be positioned forward and upright (not bent or turned).
  • Your shoulders and arms should be roughly perpendicular to the floor; elbows held close to your sides.
  • If you have an aadjustable keyboard tray and chair, allow ample clearance between your thighs and the keyboard tray.
  • Your thighs should be roughly parallel to the floor; your lower legs roughly perpendicular to it.
  • Your hands and wrists should be in a straight line with your forearms (not bent up or down).
  • Use a chair that offers lower back support, adequate padding, width and depth for personal comfort.
  • The clearance between the back of your knees and chair should equal 2’’

Here’s a handy graphic of this list you can print out and hang in your work space. Click on the image to enlarge it:

Ergonomic tips for optimal comfort at work

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