Should The Day After the Super Bowl Should be a Holiday?

There is nothing more uniquely American than Super Bowl Sunday, except, potentially, Super Bad Monday

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl yesterday? There’s no question that Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial holiday in America. Between the game, the halftime show and the commercials there is something for everyone, and most of us take part in the celebration.

Oh, there’s also the food and drink. In very timely fashion, the National Chicken Council has come out with its annual Chicken Wing Report. (Yes, that’s a real thing.) They say that we will eat 1.35 billion wings during Super Bowl weekend, an all-time high. That figure is up 1.5%, or 20 million wings, from 2017.

Among its findings:

  • If 1.35 billion wings were laid end to end along Interstate 95, they would stretch from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. almost 250 times.
    That is enough wings to put 625 wings on every seat in all 32 NFL stadiums.
  • 1.35 billion wings is enough to circle the Earth three times.
  • Americans will eat 20 million more wings this year. If wings were dollars, that would only buy us 2 minutes of commercials during the big game.

The case for a holiday

If you find yourself at work but wishing you weren’t this morning, you’re not alone. Wait…you actually might be. Studies show that about 1.5 million workers will call in sick today. Another 4.4 million will be late. That’s on top of a full 10% of the American workforce that planned ahead and took a vacation day.

Furthermore, those that did make it in are most likely talking about their favorite commercials, dissecting Justin Timberlake’s performance, or talking about the game — was that a catch? Did you know Nick Foles is the first player to throw and catch a touchdown pass in Super Bowl history?

Studies show the cost of lost productivity today to be on the order of almost $1 billion.

So why do we have to work? The idea of making Super Bowl Monday a holiday isn’t new, in fact, way back in 2013, a petition was submitted to the White House with the hopes President Obama would turn fans’ dreams into reality.

Unfortunately, the petition failed to get the 100,000 signatures needed to make the White House look at the request. Wait, what? Millions of us, either by choice or circumstance, miss work on “Super Monday” and less than 100,000 of us signed the petition?

Bummer. That kind of takes the wind out of the argument. Looks like it will never happen. You’ll have to continue to use a vacation day or try to convince your boss you really are sick. (Food poisoning seems plausible to me.)

Back to watching the commercials online work I guess. Oh well, I think there are some leftover wings in the break room.

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