Common Sense Tips For Your Office Halloween Party That Will Help You Avoid Derailing Your Career

Halloween is serious business. According to CNN, who published statistics from the National Retail Federation, Americans spend about $7 billion on Halloween. Halloween has become a huge part of our culture, including at work.

Case in point: today is the Office Essentials’ Halloween Costume Contest. Since lots of other offices are likely celebrating in some fashion as well, it seemed like a good time to review some basic common sense tips for your office Halloween party.

After all, you still have a job to do, and more important, you work too hard the rest of the year to let a few bad judgment calls with your costume derail your career.

So we’ve put together some tips to help you avoid any embarrassment at your company’s celebration. A lot of these might seem obvious, but isn’t there always someone who should’ve known better?

1. You still have to work

Can you wear your costume all day? Or would it be better to change into it for the party? Remember to take a look at the rest of your calendar – do you have any meetings for which you may not want to be in full costume? Also, does your costume allow you to perform your job functions?

2. Keep It Clean

If you have been to a Halloween store lately, surely you noticed that somewhere along the line, costumes took a turn towards the provocative. Anything “sexy” isn’t work appropriate. If there is even a question in your mind, wear something else.

3. Get involved, but respect others who choose not to participate

You may have to exit your comfort zone to wear a silly costume to work, but it can be worth it to show you’re part of the team. By the same token, only about 60% of us celebrate the holiday, and some of those that don’t have religious or cultural reasons for not taking part. Don’t make them feel bad for that.

4. Avoid political or religious costumes

Do you know your coworker’s political views? How about your boss? And any clients that may be stopping by? Why take a chance on inviting controversy?

5. Turn off the howling candy dish

You know the motion activated ones where the arm comes up and screams every time someone walks by? Yeah, it’s funny once or twice, and then it’s just annoying. You shouldn’t annoy your coworkers.

7. Go easy on the gore, glitter, etc.

You don’t want to scare people, make them queasy while eating chili, or otherwise leave a mess behind.

8. When it’s over, it’s over

Don’t be the guy that doesn’t know when to leave the party. When the holiday is over, put everything away until next year.

Hopefully those help. Have fun today. Look for pictures from our costume contest on our Facebook page a little later, and feel free to share yours as well.

Bonus: here’s a funny video from Fast Company about the same topic: